Friday, August 10, 2012


Are you worried about me?  Did you think that had I vanished?  Nah, I've been in London.  But only in spirit.

There are two major sporting events that are consistently watched more by women than men.  One of those events is the Olympic Games.  That's where I've been.  Not that I haven't been watching the Braves for the past two weeks.  In fact, I went to one of the games when the Marlins were in town.  But when I've been home, I've been multi-tasking.  I'm going to be honest with you (as I always am)  I've been focusing more on the Olympics and flipping to the Braves games during the commercials.  Don't give me too hard of a time.  After all, it only happens once every four years.

Wednesday night's Braves game had me befuddled.  I watched the first hour (before the Olympics came on) and I felt comfortable flipping over as the Braves were up 6-1 on the Phillies.  Then it was 6-2.  I was still ok with that.  But then it was 6-6!?!  What the hay?  I wasn't sure what had happened but I knew it had to be ugly.  I felt better when it was 8-6, then 10-6 and finally 12-6.  Needless to say, when the game was replayed at 11pm, I watched.  It's much easier to watch the carnage when you know everything turns out ok. 

It was good to see signs of life from Dan Uggla's bat with his three hits.  Fingers crossed that this is the start of his turnaround.  It was great to see Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman both go from 1st to home on doubles.  They're both great base runners and in my opinion, this is the best base-running team that the Braves have fielded in years.  Mikey Bourn had three hits and he and Dan combined for 6 of the 12 RBIs.  And, in the 636rd game of his career, David Ross stole his first base.  It was a very late night but well worth the watch.

If you have an inquiring mind, yes, I do have an Olympic wrap up on the way.  It shouldn't be too long, just my favorite highlights and one lowlight.

Drumroll please!  Here is my first trivia question.  Can any one name the other major sporting event that is watched more by women than men? 


  1. Kentucky Derby?? Cara

  2. Superbowl -- for the commercials??? Just taking a stab at this. :-)

  3. Cara is a total rock star! I thought it would take longer than four minutes for someone to come up with the right answer but then I should know better when it comes to my readers. And Stephanie, an excellent answer for a very well thought out reason.

    Who says the ladies don't know sports!?!