Monday, October 10, 2011

Caching Up on the DLS

Now that I'm up and running I have to jump back to the NLDS and the ALDS.  There were two outcomes that pleased me very much.  The Cards beating the Phillies and the Tigers beating the Yankees.  Before you call me a Yankee hater or think that I'm just angry because the Phillies are the best team in the NL East, read on.

I'm all about the underdog.  I can't think of anyone, in any form of sports media, who picked the Cardinals or the Tigers to advance.  Everyone said the Cards would be too tired and emotionally drained from September.  The Tigers, well, they just didn't seem to be as talented as the mighty Yankees and once you factor in New York fans, well...


I love the fact that the two teams who are seemingly the best on paper are out of the post season.   It once again proves that marquee players and huge salaries do not always win championships.  The Phillies have the most daunting pitching staff in baseball.  Combine that with the bats of Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley.  Then add Hunter Pence at the trade deadline.  There was absolutely no way that this team wasn't going to the World Series.  In fact, they'd probably win the whole thing.  Hmm...just like everyone said last year.  What actually makes me happiest about the dismissal of the Phillies goes back to game 162 at Turner Field.  There were two very obnoxious Phillies fans sitting right in front me.  They turned around to 'chat' quite often.  Yes, I think of them, and I smile.

As for the Yankees, it's that whole the rich get richer thing.  I'm not a Yankees fan.  I never have been.  I never will be.  That said, I have a lot of friends who are die-hard Yankees fans and some of them are very nice people!  Here's the disclaimer. I don't like the Yankees as an entity but I do have a certain appreciation for aspects of the organization.  I love their history.  I love the respect and adoration they have for former players.  I remember how sad it was when Thurman Muson died and how fitting the team's tribute was.  I'm glad Joe Torre is in the Commissioner's Office.   I think Derek Jeter is a classy guy and player.  But still, I'm glad the current team is at home watching the post season on tv.


  1. I would rather watch a team (crafted with chemistry in mind coupled with homegrown talent - the Brewers strike me this way) play competitively and go as far as they can, then watch organizations assemble teams by buying the latest greatest player on the market and seeing that team fizzle. It's just more enjoyable baseball. For years, the Yankees have seemed like parts of a team stitched together rather than an actual team.

  2. I totally agree with you. When players come up through AA and AAA together they have a definite chemistry that translates to the field really well. I also see it in the Brewers, as well as the Rays. Your view of the Yankees is very well put.

  3. Who are you pulling for now??

  4. What is the secret ingrediant the Braves need for next year??

  5. It's tough to say. There are so many good things to say about both teams.

    The Rangers certainly have sentiment on their side. They've never won a World Series. They came so close last year and to return the following year is a great feat. Josh Hamilton's continuing tale of comeback and redemption, Nolan Ryan's rebuilding efforts, the Rangers are a team (no matter what they accomplish) that will always be second to the Cowboys. It would be a sweet victory for the Rangers. They are an extremely classy organization and the way they have embraced and continue to care for the Stone family is to be admired.

    But St. Louis is a fantastic baseball town and I love how former players are still such an important part of the team. At 90 years old Stan the Man is still at the ball park regularly, always in his red sports coat. Albert Pujols is an amazing player and more importantly an amazing person and true role model. And how can you not love Lance Berkman as the Comeback Player of the Year!?!

    There's so much to appreciate in both teams.

  6. The Braves secret ingredient for success next year is no big secret. They need to stay healthy. They have the players, as they did in 2010. Last season the position players were decimated by injury. This season it was the pitchers. I don't know if it's a conditioning issue or what. The number of oblique injuries is insane. I still don't know what JJ's injury really was. From those who know pitching, I'm hearing that Tommy Hanson needs to adjust his delivery or he will always have rotator cuff/shoulder issues. I know it's a long season and players get hurt but I don't know of another team that has had two seasons of injuries like the Braves have had.

  7. Given the exciting finish the season gave the Rays and the Cardinals, do you think the addition of another wild card would be good?


  8. The last day of the regular season was probably the most exciting last day in the history of baseball! Even so, I don't want another Wild Card entry for a couple of reasons. First, I really like the fact that in baseball only a few teams make the playoffs. In hockey, for example, it seems like everyone makes the post season. In baseball, with fewer teams making the post season, I think it makes the accomplishment much greater. Also, if another round of playoff games is added, the season will end up going into November, which I think is way too late and in many cities, much too cold. I would prefer that the DLS games go to a 7 game series and everything else stay the same.