Monday, October 17, 2011

The Table Is Set

The Brewers made an exit just as ugly as the Tigers.  Two very lopsided Game 6s.  I wanted to see better games.  I expected more.  And as I said previously, I hate to see any team go out that way, especially in this case for Prince Fielder and Brewers fans. 

If we hopped into the time machine and went back to mid-season, tons of folks would have said that the Rangers would make it to the World Series.  The Cardinals, not too many.  And yes, I'm including Cardinals fans in that poll.  As for the World Series, public sentiment will be with the Rangers.  The red-headed stepchild of Dallas. 

I love it when people do the right thing.  Last night that person was Albert Pujols.  Recognizing that Prince Fielder may be taking his last at bat in Milwaukee as a Brewer, he called for time just before the first pitch.  Brewers fans were able to continue cheering for one of their most beloved.  It was something that Prince richly deserved.  Albert's moved showed class and respect.  I tip my cap to both of you.     

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