Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halfway There

Congrats to the Rangers for making it back to the World Series!  It speaks volumes about the players, coaching staff and front office for making it back.  That's no easy task.  I'm sure many thought the Rangers were doomed after losing Cliff Lee but this team is stacked.  They're firing on all cylinders and they'll be tough for anyone to beat.

I do feel really, really bad for the Tigers and the shellacking they took last night.  I'll be honest, I could barely watch it.  Luckily, I was multi-tasking with my main focus on the Georgia/Vandy game.  As an aside, I love my Dawgs and in my world there is no football like SEC football.  When I'm not bleeding Braves blue, I'm bleeding Georgia red and black. 

Back to last night.  After the Dawgs squeaked out the win, the ALCS got my full attention.  At that point, the game was so out of reach for the Tigers.  Ugly is the only word to describe it and no one wants to go out that way.  The Tigers are a great team, they're building the right way and they'll be back in the mix next season. 

I am a HUGE fan of Jim Leyland.  It seems like he's been around for forever and I'm guessing that's because he was a National League guy for so long and I saw him so often.  I can still see him in that Pirates uni, smoking in the dugout.  It makes me laugh to think that was ok!   The Braves and the Pirates played some tough games in the early 90's.  Talk about a stacked team...Bonds, Bonilla, Drabek, Van Slyke, Neagle and a young Tim Wakefield.  I still get chills when I see Sid Bream and the slide that got the Braves back into the World Series in 1992!  And Jim evened the score with the Braves when he led the Marlins to a World Series victory in 1997.  He's the best thing that's happened to the Tigers in the last 20 years.  He's a classy guy and he showed nothing but in his post game comments last night.  I know someone has to lose, but I hate it when it's someone who's so deserving and someone who's given so much to the game.


  1. Speaking of managers - I was happy to see Ron Washington so excited in the dugout. Of course the announcers (forgot already, I think it was Buck and McCarver) blew it out of proportion but it is pretty rare (and fun) to see a manager jump up and down cheering on his team.

  2. I agree. It was great to see Ron having fun and also keeping the Rangers loose. He really sets a good tone. They say he's a players manager and we all got to see why Saturday night.