Sunday, October 23, 2011

They Call Him King Albert For a Reason.

From two pitching duals to nothing short of a pure slugfest, Game 3 of the World Series was a complete turnaround from Games 1 and 2.  And Albert Pujols proved once again why he is the most feared hitter in baseball. 

Three home runs in one game.  5-6 at the plate.  6 RBIs.  What left many of those in Arlington jaw dropped last night is what Cardinals players and fans have come to expect.  Albert was hitless in Games 1 and 2.  0-6 with a walk.  Simply put, Albert was due.  Perhaps overdue.  In Game 3, Albert caught up.  He now keeps company with Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson and it all seems so very right.

Albert took a little bit of heat for not speaking to the press after Thursday's loss.  He said he waited 25 minutes but no one approached him in the locker room.  Maybe the reporters were scared?  The travel day gave Albert extra time to think or perhaps dwell on the first two games.  Some players can struggle through an entire post season (Alex Rodriguez)  I don't see how that is humanly possible for Albert Pujols.  He is that good.  He may have a few sub-par games at the plate but Albert gets himself back on track more quickly than any other player in the game.  His legend is growing right before our very eyes.  Do you realize how lucky you are to witness to this?

Tonight, Game 4, I expect to see Albert walked more than once.  Honestly, can you blame the Rangers?


  1. You are dead on...Albert needs to consider having you as his personal PR expert...


  2. yeh that was something else to watch last night wasnt it!! Holy Cow! I hope he continues on tonight with his stellar performance. That would make him without a doubt a major contender to earn the Mr October, title.

    I know you remember when it was Hank Aaron and Dale Murphy. I can vaguely recall when the fans were chanting R-e-g-g-i-e, R-e-g-g-i-e, and he earned the title Mr October...That was something, and you are exactly right, when that caliber of guy plays on your team it is so very disappointing when they dont deliver in key moments...

    But me?..I like Pujols better.
    1) Im a cards fan and he is on my team.
    2) He doesnt talk about himself nearly as much as Reggie Jackson did..LOL..

    Reggie was Deon Sanders before Deon Sanders..Well not quite that bad I guess. But I'll leave it with humble is not what I personally think of when I think of Reggie. Here's to hoping El Hombre does it again tonight!

  3. You have to admire anyone who in this day and age is humble and all about the team.

    Hats off to Albert.


  4. One thing is for certain, the Cardinals need to come up with a way to keep Albert in St. Louis. It won't be easy financially but they need to make it work. I truly believe that's where Albert's heart is but they can't expect him to take another home town discount.

  5. I agree..someone like Albert only very rarely comes along and it would be good for the city, and the game of baseball if they can find a way to keep him there.