Friday, October 28, 2011

Who Said Baseball Is Boring?

My heart is still pounding! 

I can't believe the Game 6 we were treated to last night!  It was baseball at it's finest, not always well executed, but still a heart stopping game.  Heart wrenching if you're a Rangers fan.

Not once, but twice, the Rangers were one out away from the teams first World Series title.  Not once, but twice, the Cardinals tied it up.  Then the local boy hit a walk-off home run.  The boy who quit playing baseball after high school.  They simply won't go away quietly.  The Cardinals almost seem to be a team of destiny, given up for dead in late August and now one win away from the team's 11th World Series title.  But what about the Rangers and destiny?  Winning tonight would make it even sweeter than winning last night.  More stressful, but much sweeter. 

Not one player on the Rangers roster has a World Series ring.  Not a one.  That's pretty amazing considering the mobility of baseball players today.  Wouldn't it be wonderful for Michael Young to be a World Series champion?  11 years with the Rangers.  He's done everything the team has ever asked of him.  He is Mr. Ranger.   Josh Hamilton, baseball's ultimate story of redemption.  Having it all, losing it all, and working so hard to get it all back.  Nolan Ryan, fighting for the team and rebuilding it from the deepest part of his baseball-shaped heart.  Every team has their stories but some in Arlington are nothing short of poetic.

What's it like to be a baseball player in the promised land of football?  For the past few years the Rangers have been a much better team and organization than the Dallas Cowboys.  But they still play second fiddle to America's Team.  The Stars, the Spurs, the Mavericks.  They all have Championships.  It's time for the Rangers to join the club.

The Cardinals have been around for 111 years.  The Rangers 40, 51 if you count the years as the Washington Senators.  Three teams younger than the Rangers have won the World Series.  The Blue Jays twice, the Marlins twice, the Diamondbacks once.  That has to smart if you're a Ranger.

So which team is the team of destiny? 



  1. "baseball shaped heart" that..... is poetic.. nice one!


  2. D - great post and can't wait for tonights game!