Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Extra Butter On That Popcorn Please!

I love a good baseball movie and I'm totally stoked about this one!  

The film is "Trouble With The Curve" and it stars the coolest guy ever, Clint Eastwood.  I know for certain that I, as well as audiences everywhere, will not be disappointed because Clint Eastwood does not make a bad movie.  He doesn't know how to.  It's just not in him.  Ok, once again I'm being a total homer and as you can tell, Clint is my absolute fave.

In "Trouble With The Curve" Clint portrays an aging and ailing baseball scout.  He's at the end of his career and he takes his daughter along on one last recruiting trip.  The film also features Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman and Robert Patrick.  Atlantans may see some familiar sites on the screen as the movie was filmed in and around Atlanta, Athens, Macon, Dawsonville and Young Harris. 

The film opens on September 21st.  Here's a preview!

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  1. After Clint's crotchty and hateful "one man show" at the RNC you can cross me off his fan list.