Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Frustrated Incorporated

I'm a half-full person.  I like to stay on the sunny side of things.  I'm a realist but I always try to look for the positive in each and every situation.  I always think that something better is just around the corner.  Tonight, I hope to God that it's a Braves win over the Nationals.  Or even just some hits.  Ok, I know that didn't sound very positive.

The Braves have frustrated the bejeezus out of me for the past two nights.  This is the proverbial crunch time.  These are games that need to be won.  Games that must be won.  So much ground can be made up by beating the Nats.  Yet, as it's been since their inception, the Nationals have the Braves number.  The Braves can't seem to win against them.  And now these losses matter more than ever.

What do I really want to see?  I want to see Dan Uggla and Brian McCann hit the freakin' ball. 

Last night, in the top of the ninth, the Braves had Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman on the corners with no outs.   Dan Uggla was due up, then Brian McCann.  Half-full me, sitting on the couch, knew that the game would be on the line with Juan Francisco at the plate and two outs on the board.  Yep, I was right.  And I'm certainly not bragging about being right.  More than anything, I wanted be totally wrong.  I wasn't.

Dan Uggla is hitting .208 and he's been slumping at the plate since before the All-Star break.  I haven't called him out because he's been consistent in the field.  He's made some absolutely stellar plays and he hasn't made excuses for himself during his slump.  That said, let's remember, Dan Uggla is paid to play both defense and offense.  Mr. Uggla, we want some offense.  Now.

Brian McCann is hitting .229.  His offensive slump has been going on since last August.  I appreciate everything about Brian McCann but his lack of production is wearing on me.  The rest of my comments?  Just read what I wrote for Dan Uggla.

When the wheels came off last September, every player except one seemed to slump.  Chipper Jones was that one player who brought it every night.  He did his best to carry the team but one player can only do so much.  This year, there are other players, along with Chipper, who are contributing.  Mr. Uggla?  Mr. McCann?  Care to join in?


  1. Ugggh-la! We better plan so we have our best arm out there for that one game wild card!

  2. You've got that right! Who do you think it should be? Right now I have the most confidence in Hudson and Medlen.

  3. AS usual, you are right on the money!!!!

  4. Thanks, but I wish this wasn't something to write about.

  5. Who knew Fredi Gonzalez read Chicks Dig Diamonds & Dugouts, and used it to help him make out his lineup? Diane, we'll give you credit for the Braves win last night!

  6. Aw, thanks Bill. But I do think that Kris Medlen deserves a wee bit of credit for that win too! And who would have ever thunk that Fredi G would be one of my followers and that he'd actually listen to me!?!