Saturday, July 21, 2012

More Fun Facts

As I noted in my previous post, last night Chipper Jones became baseball's all-time RBI leader for third basemen.  He's in stellar company!
  • 1,598 - Chipper Jones
  • 1,596 - George Brett
  • 1,595 - Mike Schmidt
  • 1,453 - Eddie Matthews
Chipper's thoughts on this milestone?  "Everybody wants to be number one in some category.  In most categories, I'm number two or three. It's nice to be number one in one. Obviously, passing Schmidt and Brett is pretty elite company. I'm honored."

Braves shortstop Paul Janish knocked in the game winning RBI last night.  On May 20, 2010, when the Braves overcame a seven run deficit in the 9th to beat Cincinnati, Paul Janish was the Reds shortstop.  Last night's moment wasn't lost on the newest Brave.

"I was telling Terry (Pendleton) when I got on base, really crazy game. But it counts, right? All that matters is we end up with one more than them. It worked out.”

On the 2010 game, "That was another crazy game. One thing I remember about that is Brooks turning around and putting his hands on his head going back towards the dugout because he thought it got caught. Obviously it went over the fence. Being on the other side of that, that was a tough plane to go get on it. There wasn’t a whole lot of talking going on in our clubhouse.”

The Braves two catchers have hit home runs in 8 of the last 11 games.  Brian McCann has hit eight and David Ross has hit two.  David has a nine game hitting streak, dating back to June 17th.  Not too shabby for a back-up catcher!

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  1. Today's first game is just underway and I already get to update a stat. The Braves catchers have now homered in 9 of the last 12 games! B-Mac went yard in the top of the 2nd!