Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Andy Griffith

There was a great, sad irony in Braves Country yesterday.  On the day we lost beloved actor Andy Griffith, the Braves game started with a rain delay. 

Any long-time Braves fan will always associate Andy Griffith with the Atlanta Braves.  Way back when we watched the games on Channel 17 on the UHF dial, and later on TBS, rain delays were always filled with re-runs of "The Andy Griffith Show".  In my mind, Andy Griffith and rain delays go hand in hand.

We all felt like we knew Andy Griffith. If you grew up in the south, undoubtedly you knew someone like Sheriff Taylor, a sweet southern gentleman with a deep insight on life.  Someone always ready to teach you a gentle life lesson. We all lost a dear friend yesterday and I feel like I lost a part of my childhood.

One thing is for certain, Sheriff Taylor and everyone in Mayberry were Braves fans.  I'm sure that Andy Taylor took his son Opie to his first game at old Atlanta Stadium.  Aunt Bea packed them a lunch for the long ride down and Opie fell asleep on the ride back home.  Floyd the barber always had the game on the radio in his shop as did Gomer and Goober at the fillin station.  You know I have to be right.  After all, Mayberry was right in the heart of Braves Country. 

Rest in peace Andy.