Friday, July 6, 2012

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

It was a valiant effort Braves fans but sadly, when the last votes were tallied, Michael Bourn came in second in the All-Star Game's Final Vote.  That said, during the last 48 hours of voting, Michael went from fourth place to second.  And if you want to be technical about it, Michael really went from fifth place to second, as Chipper was leading in votes until he was named Matt Kemp's replacement.  What does all this mean?  It means that Braves fans are not as lame as the national media would have the rest of the country believe.

The final standings:
David Freese - St. Louis Cardinals
Michael Bourn - Atlanta Braves
Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
Aaron Hill - Arizona Diamondbacks

I searched and searched but I couldn't find the actual number of votes cast for each player.  But I did learn something very interesting.  Michael Bourn had more votes via Twitter than any other candidate in either league.  This was the first year that MLB utilized Twitter as a means of voting.  Tweets averaged more than 2,500 per minute and peaked with 8,881 in the final minute. 

Michael was incredibly appreciative of the support he received, both inside and outside the clubhouse and he thanked his fans and teammates before Thursday's game.  Here's a clip courtesy of the Braves website:

There's always a slight chance that another spot on the roster could open up.  I would hate for any player to have to bow out of an All-Star Game, but if that should happen, the National League definitely needs another outfielder.  With Chipper and David Freese being added, the NL now has four 3rd basemen on their roster.  And they're short one outfielder with the loss of Matt Kemp. 

If another player is added, my fingers are crossed for Michael.


  1. Get with it Torre! #tablesetter

  2. HE'S IN!!! Michael Bourn was added to the National League's roster on Saturday, replacing Ian Desmond of the Washington Nationals. Desmond had to pull out due to a strained left oblique muscle. Sorry for Ian but YAY FOR MICHAEL!!