Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

The Braves and Rockies wrapped up their final meeting of the season today.  The Colorado club played the Braves tough, much tougher than one would expect when looking at their 56-80 record.  The Braves won the series 3-1, winning the last two games by the same score, 1-0, which leads to a few interesting stats.

- The Braves haven't won back-to-back 1-0 games since 1971.

- The Rockies have never lost 0-1 back-to-back.  Ever.

- In both of these Braves wins, the run that scored was unearned.

Tim Hudson pitched a gem of a game and once again proved why he's the ace of the Atlanta staff.  And Tim didn't disappoint in his post-game interview either.  When asked about the odd error that led to Juan Francisco scoring the Braves sole run, Huddy said with his trademark smirk, "Lucky we had our fastest runner on third.  Now you know why we call him Roadrunner."  Nice!

The Rockies' Jason Giambi had very kind words for Chipper Jones.  Commenting on Chipper's final season Jason said, "I'm ecstatic for him.  That's the way you want to go out.  What an incredible last year that he's had.  It's been fun to watch him go about his business.  It's been a tremendous honor to play on the same field with him." 

Here are Chipper's career numbers versus the Rockies:

124 games, .323 batting average, 31 home runs, .607 slugging percentage

And you know Chipper loved that thin Denver air!

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