Saturday, April 28, 2012

We've Missed Ya Huddy!

Tim Hudson last pitched for the Braves on September 28, 2011.  Fredi Gonzalez had wanted to save him for the post season but it was a do-or-die game.  Win-or-go-home.  The Braves went home. 

Two months later, Huddy underwent back surgery to to repair a herniated disk.  He had been suffering from back pain throughout the previous two seasons and the pain began to affect him while trying to complete even the simplest tying his shoes or getting out of bed.  He had hoped to be ready for spring training and in the starting rotation for the Season Opener but his recovery took a bit longer than expected.

Tim Hudson will make his 2012 debut on Sunday versus the Pirates.  Arrggghhh!!  He made four rehab starts, the last two in Gwinnett, where he went 2-0 with a 0.84 ERA.  He pitched 5 and 5 2/3 innings respectively and in his last rehab start on Tuesday, he threw 110 pitches.  His fastball sat right at 91 mph.

Huddy says his back feels great, he's getting his legs under him and his arm strength is improving.  The direct quote? 

                   "I'm ready to go," Hudson said. "No problems at all." 

This is exactly what we all want to hear and by the looks of him in the dugout, Tim Hudson is antsy to get back on the mound and he's more than ready to add to the thrills we're experiencing during this amazing April!

Last season and again this year, the Braves have had a fantastic ad campaign featuring many of the players.  I got a HUGE kick out of this one, which just began airing.  It includes Huddy, David Ross, Kris Medlen and Peter Moylan.  And if you weren't too sure, at the end Huddy reminds us where his college loyalties lie...

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