Sunday, April 1, 2012

AARP? Not Just Yet!

A professional athlete's career is not one that lasts a lifetime.  It can segue into another sports related gig, but an athlete's time on the field of play is limited.  That said, there are always those who defy the odds.  This season it's Omar Vizquel and Jamie Moyer.

On Wednesday, Omar Vizquel was named to the Toronto Blue Jays roster as a backup infielder.  This will be his 24th major league season.  Omar will celebrate his 45th birthday in April.  He's had a very productive spring and he'll definitely provide excellent leadership in the Jay's clubhouse all season long.  Since his days with the Indians, I've always been a big fan of Omar even though he was a big threat to the Braves in the 1995 World Series.  Omar has played 2,908 games for six different teams.  He has a career .242 batting average with 2,841 hits, 944 RBIs and 11 Gold Glove Awards.

The other wonder-kid is 49(!) year old Jamie Moyer.  Jamie's just been named the Colorado Rockies #2 pitcher.  He sat out last season due to Tommy John surgery and he took his rehab very seriously.  The result?  So far he's looking good.  In a game versus the Giants last week, Jamie threw four perfect innings with just 45 pitches.  His first start will be April 7th versus the Astros.  If he gets the W he will be the oldest pitcher to win a game in the majors.  Jamie has played for nine teams over 25 seasons, pitched 4,020 innings with a lifetime 4.24 ERA.

Braves fans, don't miss your chance to see both of these players at the Ted this summer!


  1. MAN - I wish I was in that good of shape at 47 years old. Not to mention that Omar V is a really good looking guy!! :-)

  2. They both redefine the phrase "keeping in shape"!