Friday, February 3, 2017


Sometimes life gets in the way.  

I seriously can't believe that it's been over a year since I've written anything for what is probably my shrinking, if not now, non-existent following.  It's not that I haven't had the thoughts and the words in me. Honestly, they've been screaming to burst out.  There are so many things that I wanted to write about but I simply didn't have the time.  Life.  It's not always easy.

But something has me FIRED UP!  I read an article that totally pissed me off. I always try to be polite and lady-like but today that's not happening. That stupid Boston Globe article made me so #$%&@* mad!  And y'all, I've even given myself time to simmer down.  As it turns out, I didn't simmer down.  Time only let the wound fester.

Dan Shaughnessy's article, "It's hard to get pumped up about a Super Bowl against...Atlanta" is insulting to every Atlanta resident, sports fan or not.  He said there's no reason to insult the '"nice folks of Atlanta" yet that is exactly what he went on to do. In fact, he said that the fine people of Bahstan feel nothing but pity for us.  Whatever Dan.

He wrote of our apathy.  Our lack of championships.  He pulled random stories out of the air in order to prove his weak point. What a tool.

I am so sick and tired of sportscasters, journalists and residents of other cities ragging on Atlanta sports fans.  We LOVE our teams and WE ARE GREAT FANS!!  Did any of those people see the passion of Falcons fans during both playoff games?  Let's face it, for most of the country it's more than likely that the playoffs were the first time they've even had the opportunity to see the Atlanta Falcons play, save that one Monday night game. Julio who?  Wha...Matt Ryan is up for MVP?  Vic Beasley, Devonta Freeman, Deion Jones? Who are they?  When did this Rise Up thing start?  

It's no secret that baseball and the Braves are my first love.  The Dawgs are a close number two.  The Falcons have always been a steady number three.  I mean no disrespect.  As much as I love the Atlanta Falcons, they have always broken my heart.  I've always considered them a snake-bit franchise.  Just when they've been on the cusp of having everything, something bizarre happens.  Eugene Robinson's arrest on the eve of Super Bowl XXXIII. The NFL's most dynamic player goes to prison for his role in a dog-fighting ring.  Head coach Jim Mora Jr. literally moves out of town in the middle of the night.  It took the team over four decades to put together back-to-back winning seasons.  But through thick and thin, Falcons fans have stayed loyal and passionate.  You want to see a passionate Atlanta crowd at it's finest?  Come to Atlanta when the Saints are visiting.  You'll never doubt our passion again.

Arthur Blank has poured his heart and soul (as well as his wallet) into this franchise.  He, Rich McKay, Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn have put together a great team, a team with amazing chemistry.  A brotherhood.  They've created an energy that explodes on the field.  They given the Falcons faithful the team they so richly deserve.   

Every time an Atlanta team makes it to the post-season, Atlanta fans are judged.  It's never a positive review.  We are tired of it.  It all boils down to one thing.  Passion.  Mr. Shaughnessy is passionate about his team, as he should be. Falcons fans are just as passionate, if not more.  We are hungry.  Our team is honorable.  They have never been accused of cheating or spying.  Yes, the Falcons have had a player go to prison.  At least it wasn't for murder.  Ok, I'll stop.  I seem to have headed down the low road, the road of Mr. Shaughnessy, and I don't care for it.

My hope for Sunday night is to see Matt Ryan hoist the Lombardi trophy over his head while red and black confetti swirls around him.  He'll pass the trophy to Julio Jones and soon every Falcon will have held and kissed the NFL's holy grail.  We'll see Dan Quinn wipe away a tear and we'll see Arthur Blank dance one more time.  What a vision that will be!  I believe that will happen.  It's destiny.  The time has come for the Atlanta Falcons.               
#RiseUp  #InBrotherhood

Here's a great read on Eugene Robinson and where is now. 



  1. I agree it is The Atlanta Falcons time to win the SUPERBOWL!!!! Their new stadium is coming along beautifully & I am not a big sporty fan but to see the place & video of what it will look like it is going to be amazing. Rise Up Falcons & make Atlanta proud so we can shout it LOUD for all to hear on Monday ALL DAY LONG!!! :) Shannon Ogles

  2. My friend - you took the words right out of my mouth! Well said and Rise Up!! -Steph