Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quit Screwing Around With Opening Day

Dear Commissioner Selig,

Why do you find it necessary to ruin one of baseball's finest traditions? 

Baseball's Opening Day is one of the Rites of Spring.  Yet, you went and packed it up and sent overseas.  And to make matters worse, no one in the United States could watch it.  What the hay are you thinking!?!

For 70+ years, Opening Day was a Monday.  Every year, the very first pitch of the very first game was thrown just after the noon hour in Cincinnati.  The Reds always started our season.  It was tradition.  Baseball's tradition.

A few years ago you mixed it up a bit.  The first game was played on a Sunday night.  It was a nationally televised game that featured a team with something significant going on.  Something like a bright, shiny new ballpark.  Those two teams were then off on Monday when all the other teams played their first game.

This year, the game was played today, March Japan.  The Mariners and A's faced each other in a game that started at 6am Eastern Time.  And it wasn't televised.  Not even by the MLB Network. 

Opening Day in the U.S. will be the night of April 4th with the Cardinals facing the Marlins in their bright, shiny new ballpark.  Then there are six games on April 5th and nine games on April 6th.  It will take 10 days to have "Opening Day".

As Phil Dunfey would say, "Bud, why the face!?!"   Or, as I will say, "Bud, quit screwing up one of our finest sporting traditions."


  1. Again, I'm thinking, "WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA???!!!"

  2. Re: the question above. The answer is: $$$$. Everything is always about money.