Monday, March 19, 2012

Odds & Ends

Here are few odds and ends that I've picked up listening to and watching Spring Training games.

  • Chipper Jones is not fat and has actually come in seven pounds lighter this spring.  In addition, Chipper said that he was joking when he made the comment that he didn't know if he'd make it through the season with his bad knees.  Chipper added that the two reporters weren't familiar with his sense of humor.  At this point, shouldn't these sportswriters be use to Chipper's self-deprecating sense of humor?

  • Brian McCann is changing his in-season workout regimen.  He wants to do everything he can in order to avoid a late season slump this year.  Brian, being his own toughest critic, has put too much burden on himself for the way last season ended. 

  • Tim Hudson has thrown two good bullpen sessions, both being pain free.  He expects to throw his first batting practice session sometime this week.  Hopefully Huddy will be in the rotation in early May!

  • Jason Heyward lost ~20 pounds in the off season.  He cut back on his weight lifting regimen.  Jason noted that he's always had a lean body type and he feels that he's moving much better with less bulk.  Hopefully he's put last season in the rear view mirror.

  • Former Braves pitcher Gene Garber has been working with both Peter Moylan and Kris Medlen in the off season.  Both pitchers feel that Gene has helped them a great deal.  In fact, Gene has worked with Peter for the past three off-seasons.

  • Braves Trainer Jeff Porter spoke to the media for the first time since losing his wife Kathy in a tragic automobile accident on New Years Eve.  He wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of sympathy and support for he and his son David.  They're taking it day by day and the support of their Braves family and Braves Nation is helping.

  • Dan Uggla changed his Spring Training hitting approach.  He wants to make sure that the first part of his 2012 season doesn't mirror that of his 2011 season.  I think Dan looks great at the plate!

  • And what seems to be the biggest story of all to me?  It's the possible battle brewing at shortstop.  Tyler Pastornicky and Andrelton Simmons.  But I'll save this one for another post!

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