Sunday, February 19, 2012


Baseball lost one of it's good guys this week with the passing of Gary Carter. 

In a world where athletes are idolized and often placed on a pedestal for all the wrong reasons and sometimes even rewarded for bad behavior, Gary was the quintessential good guy.  He played every baseball game with the passion of a young boy and he never forgot to show his appreciation for his fans and baseball fans everywhere.  Gary fought his diagnosis valiantly and gracefully with his family by his side.  Baseball lost one of it's finest ambassadors, "The Kid", much too young.

We can only hope that today's young players take a chapter from Gary Carter and learn to live right and play right.

Baseball Hall Of Fame Class of 2003


Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield retired after 19 years in the major leagues.  Best known for 17 seasons with the Bo Sox, Wakefield was drafted by the Pirates and spent his first two seasons there.  I remember those tortuous years (1992 & 1993) well.  Now, Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey is the only true knuckleballer in the game.


On a brighter note, Braves pitchers and catchers report today!  Spring training is right around the corner!!

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