Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Little Bit Of Housekeeping

Braves fans, it's time to update your score card.  Spring Training is right around the corner (YIPPEE!) and I thought it would be a good idea to remind y'all of the changes that have occurred during the off season.  A few of these changes came as no surprise (Derek Lowe) and the one big surprise to me is that there hasn't been a big signing.  The good news about that?  The Braves have a stellar farm system!!

So sharpen your pencils and make note of...

Michael Bourn - Avoided arbitration.  The Braves have him signed through 2012.  I'm really glad we have him for the entire season.
Brooks Conrad - Non-tendered.   He's since signed with the Brewers.  I'll miss the Raw Dog.
Robert Fish - He's a LHP acquired via the Rule 5 Draft from the Angels.
Alex Gonzalez - Braves declined arbitration and he became a free agent.  He has since signed with the Brewers.  I'll miss those amazing catch-turn-throw but Tyler Pastornicky is ready and he's the Braves shortstop of the future
Eric Hinske - The Braves exercised his 1-year option for 2012. Yay!
Jair Jurrjens - Avoided arbitration.  The Braves have him signed through 2012.
Scott Linebrink - Free agent.  The Braves chose not to pursue.
Derek Lowe - Traded to the Indians.
Nate McLouth - The Braves declined to pick up his option.  He signed with the Pirates, the team the Braves got him from.
Peter Moylan - Non-tendered.  He just signed a Minor League contract     with the Braves and accepted an invitation to compete for a job in Spring Training.  Hopefully his back and shoulder are healing well. 
Eric O'Flaherty - Avoided arbitration.  The Braves have him signed through 2012.  Another yay!
Martin Prado - Avoided arbitration.  The Braves have him signed through 2012.
George Sherrill - Free agent.  The Braves chose not to pursue.
Jack Wilson The Braves had acquired him from the Mariners on August 31st to back up Alex Gonzalez for only the remainder of the 2011 season.  The Braves recently signed him to a one year, as a backup infielder and a mentor to Tyler Pastornicky, the Braves shortshop of the future.  Wilson and Pastornicky have been working out together in California in the off season.

Larry Parrish - Let go as Hitting Coach.
Greg Walker - Hired as Hitting Coach
Scott Fletcher - Hired as an advance coach/assistant hitting coach.

That's where things stand now.  Your thoughts?


  1. Belated Happy New Year D!

    I am still waiting for the home team to make a single meaningful offseason move to improve the team while the competition in the division goes on a relative spending spree. No, resigning Jack Wilson and paying Derek Lowe $10 million to pitch for another team do not count.

    Now we know why. Management spent the past several months coming up with this brilliant plan to fill seats.

    I am happy fans that purchase a season ticket package will now only have to pay twice as much as the predominately substandard fare is worth instead of triple. Please remember no discount on beer.

    I would rather see the Braves obtain a power hitting corner outfielder or prepare for the imminent departure of their speedy centerfielder via free agency.

    Sigh. Go ahead and call me negative. JD routinely tells me I am the worst Braves fan ever. In my defense I been following the team since they moved from here Milwaukee so I have endured a decade or so more of horrible Braves seasons that most. Another reason it sucks being old.


    1. You're not negative HK, you simply bear the scars of being a lifelong Braves fan. The Braves need to get butts in the seats and making moves to improve the team will do that more than a few discounted concession items will.

      The Braves are counting on a lot of ifs. A major league readiness in Tyler Pastornicky, a much improved Jason Heyward, and healthier pichers in the form of Jurrjens and Hanson. I hope the ifs work out.