Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Divas & Drama Kings

Let's all just sit back and watch the drama unfold now that Jose Reyes is officially a Miami Marlin.

When rumors began swirling that the Marlins were courting the soon-to-be-former Mets shortstop, I saw an interview with current Marlins shortstop and resident drama king Hanley Ramirez.  Ramirez described Reyes as "a pretty good player" and said that he would be ok with Reyes joining the Marlins.  Ramirez also emphasized the fact that he was the team's shortstop.   Hanley's demeanor and body language didn't seem to be too ok with Reyes joining the team and I found it interesting that he described  Reyes' playing as only "pretty good".  Reyes is waaay more than pretty good. 

It was made clear that if the Marlins signed Reyes, Ramirez would be moved to 3rd base.  Ramirez was well aware of this.  Ozzy Guillen spoke to him about it.  Now that Reyes is officially the Marlins new shortstop, Ramirez says he's not moving to 3rd.  In fact, he's told the Marlins that he's not moving to any other position. 

Grab some popcorn and sit back folks.  This is going to be good!

In other Marlins/Winter Meetings news, it appears that four teams are now involved in the Albert Pujols derby.  The Cardinals, Marlins, Cubs and Angels.  The Marlins want a quick resolution, preferably today.  They've signed closer Heath Bell, Reyes, and they're hoping for Pujols.  Yes, I definitely smell the distinct aroma of the attempt to purchase another World Series title.


  1. So suddenly Hanley Ramirez wants to renegotiate his contract? And that follows with the Marlins offering him up for trade?

    We may need more popcorn.

  2. Never saw Albert going to the Angels..... At least he didn't help out the Marlins who apparently offered more money.


  3. I didn't see that one either. Another post is coming soon...I hope!