Thursday, November 10, 2011

Parting With Prado?

It's no secret that the Braves are entertaining offers for both Martin Prado and Jair Jurrjens.  Don't freak out.  In the past, the Braves have always listened to offers for any player.  If someone called today and asked Frank Wren about the availability of Brian McCann, Frank would listen.  But that doesn't mean he'd make the trade. 

I don't want the Braves to lose Martin Prado.  I think it would be a huge mistake for them to let him go.  Yes, he had a sub par year in 2011 but much of that can be attributed to the time he spent on the DL with a staff infection.  He wasn't right the rest of the season.  Knowing Martin's work ethic, he didn't take a day off after the season's last game.  I can guarantee that he's already been working harder than ever to ensure that he has a huge turnaround next year.  It's the one constant thing we hear about him.  Martin Prado is the hardest working player on the Braves roster.  Omar Infante once said that he always watched Martin and did exactly what Martin did so that he could succeed at the major league level.

After the disaster known as September, I knew the Braves front office would react strongly. We're certain to see some big changes.  I just hope that it doesn't include Martin.  The Royals and Rockies have expressed an interest in him.  I don't know what they could give us in return to make it worthwhile.  It would have to be something huge.  Something that neither of those teams has. 

Could Martin move to short?  Could the Braves pick up Michael Cuddyer?  There would have to be some rearranging but the team needs more plate production from the outfield.  Cuddyer plays right and center.  As much as I love Michael Bourn, we only have him for one more year and Scott Boras is his agent.  That's never promising. 

What will happen?


  1. You are right, Frank Wren does listen to all the deals and you can't rule out a three way in which the Rockies could pull someone else into the mix to make it happen. I hope we don't lose Martin either, he is a great team player and those are not easy to find. What do you think of the Phillies newest pickup?


  2. It totally took me by surprise. I thought re-signing Ryan Madson was a done deal. I can't believe how quickly, after that deal fell apart, that the Phillies signed Paplebon. That team really means business! I guess that's to be expected after two early exits from the playoffs.

    And now, as if the Red Sox didn't have enough to deal with, they need a closer. Hmm. Well, Madson is available...